Types of Wood Blanks

We have a wide selection of top quality hard woods from Walnut, Maple, Oak, and Laminate. There are many types of Walnuts, varying from our most popular choice of English Walnut and the rest that includes Red, Black, and Bastogne Walnut. Our wood blanks also vary in the quality, ranging from Standard Grade to Exhibition Grade.

Specialty Blanks For Tips & Grips

We also have smaller wood blanks that we use for special add ons such as tips and grips. Some of our popular choices are Ebony, Thai Walnut, and Thai Rosewood. We can also use the forementioned wood types above for tips and grips.


Our duplicator machine can duplicate all gun makes and models. We have many patterns in stock to make it more convenient for the customers. However, if we do not have a pattern in stock, we can use the customer's original as a pattern. We are also skillful enough to hand build a pattern from scratch if one is not available. Rest assure that the duplicate will be a perfect fit with further inletting.