Most of the hand fitting that we provide are for grip caps, forend (forearm) tips, butt plate/recoil pad, sling swivels, and cross-bolts. Grip caps can be made with all the different types of hard woods. Our grip cap selections include checkered steel grip caps, skeleton grip caps, plain steel grip caps, and plastic grip caps. Hardwood tips can be assembled at an 90 degree or 45 degree angle.

Butt plates/recoil pads also come in different brand types as well. Our top seller butt plates are the pointed and round Niedner butt plates to hard plastics and rubber butt plates. Unlike hard factory butt plates, we have the more cushioning recoil pads that have better feedback and minimize recoil. Recoil pads come in different sizes and thickness for the various gun calibers, but can be altered to fit the stock.

Sling swivels also come in many varieties. The most popular sling swivel that we carry is the quick release steel sling swivel. We also carry sling adapters for guns that cannot be fitted with the quick release swivels. As of crossbolts, we are custom to fitting the magnum crossbolts because it creates more durability in the gunstock.


Our duplicator is able to duplicate stocks from a pattern but it is from our hand shaping skills that allows every small detail to stand out such as the shadow lines and the contours of the stock.